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  1. Gary Fazil says:

    Hi Oren,

    I have the Movie Collection Starter Kit from MSFT which uses the Amazon Web Service to search for movie titles. Well, it stopped searching a couple of months ago and I discovered that they’ve changed their access method. A search of the web led to your article (alas, most of it is way above my head as I’m not familiar with Web Services). Any how, I did download and ran your C# project and it ran fine.

    So I converted to VB (the movie collection app. is written in VB). When I run it, I get a crash at:

    client.ChannelFactory.Endpoint.Behaviors.Add(New AmazonSigningEndpointBehavior(accessKeyId, secretKey))

    the compiler complains that it is unable to cast object type ‘AWS.Simple.AmazonSigningEndpoitBehaviour’ to type ‘System.ServiceModel.Description.IEndpointBehaviour’

    Any ideas?



  2. Gary Fazil says:

    I found a solution. Albert walker has posted a working VB.Net version: http://genericlist.net/post/2009/08/04/Amazon-Advertising-API-Signing-Requests.aspx

  3. Nuno Senica says:

    Hi Oren! Nice blog!

    I need urgent help please. I’ve a question regarding your post: “Signing Amazon Product Advertising API ā€“ C#/WCF ā€“ Part 2”.

    Iā€™m trying to run your code now and the result of the SearchItem always returns null. It used to work before (a few weeks ago), so I guess Amazon changed something recently.

    Can you please confirm this? What can I do? (I’m using the associate tag so thats not the problem)

    Thanks so much,

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